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In April 2020 the Board of the Primary Industries Education Foundation Australia (PIEFA) contracted WR Law to help recruit a new CEO. We received assistance with the Position Description, they took care of the advertising and handled all the inquiries from potential applicants. We received 80 applications for the CEO position.
They assessed all the applicants against the selection criteria and made it easy for the Board to identify a short list of candidates for interview by constructing a spreadsheet which enabled our panel to readily select candidates for interview.
Once a suitable applicant was appointed as the new CEO, WR Law developed the employment contract.
We are not skilled in these matters, while having an experienced board we require support at a reasonable rate. WR Law provides a cost effective and professional recruitment process for Not-for-Profit organisations.
I can highly recommend WR Law to other Not-For-Profits looking to new staff in a professional and seamless manner.
My contact details are below and I would be happy to be contacted to confirm the above. Neither I, nor PIEFA has no other association with WR Law apart from an ongoing professional relationship.

(Dr) Cameron Archer AM
Primary Industries Education Foundation Australia Board

(Dr) Cameron Archer AM Chair, Primary Industries Education Foundation Australia

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