From hiring to firing, and everything in between…
we’ve got you covered.

We provide professional, practical HR practitioner and legal services in a ‘one stop’ shop.  We aim to assist you to reduce your employment risk at the earliest opportunity.


Workplace Investigations

Our team has many years of experience in conducting workplace investigations across a range of industries. Our workplace investigations are thorough, procedurally fair and overlaid by a legal framework providing a sound approach to reduce any associated risks.


Legal/Employment Law Advice

We provide proactive advice on all employment matters, ideally prior to legal risks eventuating. We are equipped to provide professional HR support (including outsourced support) in all areas. In the unfortunate event that a matter turns legal we can hand it to our legal team providing employers with a cost and time effective approach.


Employment Contracts

We write employment contracts and identify the correct industrial instrument coverage for employees across all industry sectors. This can be done as a once off arrangement or as part of our HR Packages.


Engaging Workers

We recognise employees are an employer’s best asset and we understand the importance of engaged workers. We will assist employers to develop a framework to promote employee engagement. 


HR Policies

We write HR Policies on the full gambit of topics. We customise the policies to suit the employer or write a once off policy to meet a client’s need. Policies can be purchased as part of our HR Packages.


Fair Work Act Compliance

We provide a full range of HR services to identify any areas of non-compliance via audits of your systems and processes. We then work with you to develop strategies to fix the gaps.


Managing Poor Performance

We will help you have difficult conversations and develop a strategy to manage poor performance…ideally to achieve a positive outcome.


Dealing with Misconduct

We have practical and professional experience in dealing with alleged misconduct & serious misconduct matters. We will assist you, and/or act on your behalf, to implement a procedurally fair process to address such matters.


Managing Ill and Injured Workers

We will provide assistance in developing a strategy to proactively manage ill and injured workers…ideally to help the worker return to work as soon as practicable, which benefits both the employee and the employer.


Termination of Employment

We provide both HR practitioner and legal services in matters of termination of employment. We aim to reduce the risk prior to termination and/or assist post-termination if the matter is referred to another body (e.g. Fair Work Commission).


Negotiated Exits

We assist and/or act on your behalf to reach a mutually agreeable negotiated exit. Our team has extensive experience in this area.


Unfair Dismissal

We are experienced at handling unfair dismissals for both employers and employees. We provide a full range of services in this area, including conducting negotiations; Fair Work conciliations and beyond (should the matter not settle).


Adverse Action

We provide advice on the risks associated with adverse action in the workplace. Additionally, we will manage an adverse action matter on your behalf from conception and through the formal proceedings.



We understand discrimination and are equipped to provide advice and assistance in managing such an issue.


Reasonable Adjustments

We will provide independent review and analysis to identify the relevance of reasonable adjustments. We are equipped with logical knowledge in this area.


Sexual Harassment

We understand sexual harassment and have years of experience supporting both employers and employees through such matters. We provide advice, assistance and management of matters through all stages of the process.



The impact of bullying in the workplace can be profound. We are committed to providing support to establish an environment free of such conduct. We have extensive experience in addressing bullying matters for employers and employees alike.


Workplace Training

We have a range of training packages available (e.g. Training for Managers; Enterprise Bargaining Process). Additionally, we will tailor training to suit an employer’s needs on the full gambit of HR and employment law topics.


Workplace Investigations

We understand the importance of a thorough and procedurally fair investigation process.  Our team has extensive experience in conducting a range of investigations.



WR Law provides a cost effective and professional recruitment service for Not-for-Profit organisations.  We can assist with writing the position description, take care of the advertising and handle all the inquiries from potential applicants.

We will assess the applicants against the selection criteria and make it easy for you to identify a short list of candidates for interview.  Once a suitable applicant is appointed, we can also develop the employment contract.

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