Workplace Resolutions Law
Regional Victoria

Proactive - Practical - Passionate

WR Law understands people and workplace culture, and it is with this understanding that we are able to achieve great outcomes for our clients in the field of employment and workplace relations.

Approachable and practical, WR Law provides sound and considered advice to a wide range of businesses, from SMEs to international organisations across a variety of industries.

Our byline says it all:  Proactive – Practical – Passionate


Employment Contracts

We write employment contracts and identify the correct industrial instrument coverage for employees across all industry sectors. This can be done as a once off arrangement or as part of our HR Packages.

Workplace Investigations

Our team has many years of experience in conducting workplace investigations across a range of industries. Our workplace investigations are thorough, procedurally fair and overlaid by a legal framework providing a sound approach to reduce any associated risks.

Legal / Employment Law Advice

We provide proactive advice on all employment matters, ideally prior to legal risks eventuating. We are equipped to provide professional HR support (including outsourced support) in all areas. In the unfortunate event that a matter turns legal we can hand it to our legal team providing employers with a cost and time effective approach.


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