Is it time to have a serious discussion between men and women on how the burden of juggling work and family should be shared more equitably among members of the household? The modern woman of today may need to have that full and frank discussion with her husband as households move towards a new post-pandemic norm.

For women during this time of COVID-19 ‘having it all’ has come at a cost to their health. Peak rates of anxiety, hopelessness and depression have become commonplace, particularly with women who are business owners and entrepreneurs.

Figures indicate that 80% of women business owners are also primary carers for the disabled. Many also carry the main burden of home-schooling and caring for elderly parents. Businesswomen are most concentrated in the beauty and retail areas; both areas having been impacted hugely by COVID-19. This has influenced their earning capacity and the likelihood of their businesses surviving post this pandemic.

Statistics are still clearly in favour of the husband working full-time, while most mothers choose to work part-time as they have those added responsibilities of caring for family.

Women are constantly juggling work to allow fathers to work full-time, but this is impacting seriously on the woman’s ability to create her own career. Women are finding they may have to work early in the mornings or late in the evenings to keep up with the demands of their work and hence their own careers.

In the new norm post COVID-19 women would continue in their roles as entrepreneurs and continue to provide exciting opportunities in their business enterprises to employ and upskill others. It is hoped the new norm would see employment prospects and superannuation for women improve markedly and entrenched gender issues and underemployment decrease

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