Flexible Working Day is June 10th this year.

Due to the restrictions COVID-19 has imposed on workplaces companies have had to reimagine and, in some cases, relocate and totally dismantle offices, allowing workers to work from home. The importance of people’s well-being has become paramount as COVID-19 has impacted on the world.

Employees are working remotely and to the surprise of employers they are working effectively. As employers recognise this fundamental change, they are actively supporting systematic changes to the old ways of doing business.

What has changed? Here are some pointers:

  • Flexible working for mental health and staff well-being.

Workplaces need to recognise personal changing needs of staff. Staff require their workplace to be a ‘safe’ space and one in which they are trusted and valued from wherever their place of work is to be allocated.

  • Agile employees

Those who can make self-directed decisions and work in a flexible workplace will thrive in an environment of mutual respect and honest dialogue between staff, clients, and other stakeholders.

  • Work-life blend

Both men and women employees deserve a flexible work-life blend which recognises that work practices of the past will change, and employers will need to offer a more fluid approach to supporting their employees to find that work-life balance. Everybody deserves flexibility.

  • Technology platforms and systems to support remote working

Employers and employees are embracing technology to support flexible working.

  • Business leaders must show leadership in the way forward

Leaders in business must be able to reimagine and redefine workplaces and consider how best they will operate to service clients most efficiently and effectively.

Everyone benefits if employers and employees embrace the new model of ‘flexible workplaces’.

This article has been prepared by Maddy Walter, Marketing. The information provided should not be relied upon as legal advice. You should speak with Rosa Raco directly about your specific circumstances via email or phone 03 54996131

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