Childcare workers livelihoods threatened after July 12

Childcare workers livelihoods threatened after July 12

The Government’s powerful Expenditure Review Committee is made up exclusively of five men…not one woman to be seen. Think Scott Morrison, Josh Frydenberg, Michael McCormack, Greg Hunt and Mathias Cormann.

This is the committee which has chosen to announce a ‘relief’ measure, to reward the construction industry, and in particular households who are in the envious position of being able to outlay an easy $125,000 for renovations on their family home.

Meanwhile, childcare workers, our early childhood educators so critical to the development of our next generation, who are among the lowest paid workers in Australia, are finding their places of employment in jeopardy when the Government withdraws free childcare services on July 12th.

Childcare workers were until recently being praised for their courage, staying on the front line while the pandemic was threatening their health every day.

Caring for the youngest most vulnerable group in our society appears to be valued on a par with women generally, who have been adversely and disproportionately affected by COVID-19.

A recent study indicated that a third of all families using these services at present will not be able to afford this service after July 12th.These workers will be forced back into their homes, unable to help financially support their families, or provide for a secure future for themselves.

With such low rates of pay many of these women face an uncertain future including poverty, housing insecurity and homelessness.

Where are the grateful thanks of a nation? They are certainly not reflected in this Economic Review Committee. That committee reflects ‘privileged white males’.

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