Women who are leading the charge

This is a story of not one woman but four women from different and divergent backgrounds who are now in total charge of their own fortunes.


The first we salute is the indomitable Annastacia Palaszczuk, who has this week made history in Queensland. Premier Palaszczuk has become the first woman to win three consecutive terms in Queensland as she looks to form a majority government following Saturday’s election.

Palaszczuk has also been acknowledged as the first woman to win from opposition and the first to have a majority female team.

Annastacia Palaszczuk has led Queensland throughout this pandemic. She is considered a strong and tough leader, closing borders, ignoring pleas from other states to open those borders. Queenslanders have been promised that in Palaszczuk’s words ‘we will roll up our sleeves’ to get back to work as quickly as possible.


Sarah was a lawyer who now calls herself a ‘funtrepreneur’, intent on shifting from lawyer to founding Match Maiden, and opening a plant-based café in Melbourne, and starting the popular podcast Seize the Yay.

Sarah has launched a new book by the same name as the podcast, in which she chooses to emphasise gratitude, positivity and time to play as well as work.

Sarah first came to Australia from a South Korean orphanage and was adopted by an ’incredibly white country bumpkin Victorian family’. Her life has taken many turns to today, many ‘sliding doors’ of opportunities, through which she has learnt to value the life she can live here in Australia.


Melanie Evans has been appointed CEO of ING Bank Australia.

Melanie has worked in the financial services sector during her entire career.

Melanie first completed a cadetship with the St. George Bank in 1995, before joining Westpac’s equities business in 2000, and from there to BT in 2003 where she developed product, brand, marketing, superannuation, platforms, and investments leadership roles. A formidable career through the whole financial sector!

Before taking on her present role Melanie was Chief of Staff of the Westpac Group.


Kate Morris is the co-founder of the on-line beauty business Adore Beauty which has this month listed on the ASX. The float has become the most valuable on the market in 2020 and the largest listed by a female co-founder ever. Kate began her business with a loan from family members and began her rise to success through a purely on-line retail service.

This is also a story about women investing in a woman’s business, with women buying shares in the Adore Beauty business, many of them setting up a trading account for the first time in order to support Kate’s business.

Ref: Women’s Agenda

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