Two women job-sharing as CEO of Environmental Justice Australia (EJA)

Two women job-sharing as CEO of Evironmental Justics Australia (EJA) - WR Law
L-R Environmental lawyers Nicola Rivers and Elizabeth McKinnon have been jointly appointed to head one of Australia’s leading public-interest legal organisations, Environmental Justice Australia.

The opportunity to job-share as CEO of Environmental Justice Australia received more than 4000 likes and thousands of comments.

There are obvious advantages in having two brains working together on problem solving and creativity, and having two people sharing a job allowing for flexibility in working hours.

Nicole Rivers and Elizabeth McKinnon both bring many years of experience covering litigation, law reform and in-house counselling. The next natural step for both was to move into a top senior position.

For Nicole and Elizabeth the opportunity to job- share a top CEO position allowed them the opportunity to step up to that senior role while still allowing time to juggle the demands of a young family.

As Nicole said ‘It means two sets of skills, experiences, networks and passions. It also means high quality decision making, super-charged brain power and elevated energy in the senior ranks of the EJA’.

EJA is there to protect the environment, litigating against governments and big business who breach environment laws which threaten forests, rivers and wildlife, putting communities at risk.

They hope that in telling their story of their shared role they will encourage both employers and employees to see the benefits of job-sharing.

Annie Young

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