Two inspiring and aspiring candidates in the Eden-Monaro Bi-Election

There is hope yet that more women will stand up and be counted, standing for Federal and State elections in the future, if the candidates are as impressive as Kristy McBain and Dr. Fiona Kotvojs, the Labor and Liberal candidates respectively.

Both women have campaigned for several weeks and both are very well known for their contributions to their local communities.

Kristy McBain has been the Mayor of Bega, while raising a young family. She has been the spokesperson for the Shire of Bega during the horrendous fires in January this year which ravaged so much of the countryside in her area and has continued to support the locals who lost everything in the fires. Before that she was a spokesperson for the farmers during a period of prolonged drought.

Dr. Kotvojs has a doctorate in education, plus  a masters degree and is a dedicated environmentalist. She spent eight years in the army reserves, has been a Lifeline counsellor, a Director of Oxfam and a volunteer in the Rural Fire Service. Her credentials are impressive!

Either of these women would make an excellent representative for their party.

At the end of a long night of counting, and without at that stage knowing who the winner was, both spoke graciously and positively about their hopes for the future if they won the election. They thanked their supporters and their families. It is to be hoped that the loser can find a place perhaps in a state parliament, as this position is equally as important, and clearly either of these women offers so much to their communities.

The following day saw Kristy McBain declared the winner of the bi-election. We wish her well in the future.

Annie Young


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