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The death of Australian singer Helen Reddy has stimulated much discussion on the advancement or otherwise of women since her famous song I am Woman first hit the airways in 1971.

My generation of women loved this song. It was our anthem, along with Germaine Greer’s book The Female Eunuch.

This year has seen a number of women speak out on bad behaviour and toxic workplaces that they have experienced in corporate Australia. Investors are becoming noticeable in their abilities to force changes on Boards, and executives are beginning to become nervous of these powerful voices.

Business leaders are having to become more accountable for the way their senior staff behave, becoming as answerable for the health, safety, and well-being of their staff as they are of their company’s finances.

40:40 Vision has been established to set a target of achieving gender balance in our ASX200 Executive leadership teams by 2030.

It has asked the leadership teams in the ASX200 to set targets as there is a belief within this 40:40 Vision organisation that change only happens when organisations set targets, measure their progress and make people accountable for the outcomes.

Compelling evidence from Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre has provided critical data which supports the call for more women in leadership positions, leadership which is proving beneficial to company performance, profitability and productivity. ‘The private sector is a powerful influencer of gender equality. It is healthy for business and integral to our economic future’. (Lyons, 2020)

Ref: Libby Lyons. Women’s Agenda

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