Meals for women’s refuges

Win win for women at risk

Women on the verge of homelessness and an uncertain future are the beneficiaries of the upsurge in food delivery services as a result of COVID-19.

Three organisations are working constructively together to provide meals for women in refuges fleeing domestic violence. The social enterprise organisation Two Good, American Express and Deliveroo plan to deliver 3,000 meals to women’s refuges in the next two weeks.

Two Good has been in the front-line providing care packages and delivering meals to refuges since 2015 under an ‘eat one, treat one’ model.

American Express members who place an order with Deliveroo until June 12th will allow a free Two Good meal to be delivered to a woman in need, at no extra cost to themselves.

Two Good employs the women at the safe houses to prepare the meals and this provides them with some financial stability and helps them learn new skills in catering as a pathway to employment.

A win win situation for all!

This article has been prepared by Maddy Walter, Marketing. The information provided should not be relied upon as legal advice. You should speak with Rosa Raco directly about your specific circumstances via email or phone 03 54996131

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