Managing Wellbeing – Working from Home

With Covid-19 more people than ever are working from home.

Working from home can have a number of benefits that include flexibility, a better work-life balance and no commuting to the office. However, along with the benefits it’s important for both employers and employees to recognise possible issues that may occur when working from home for long periods of time.

When managing employees, employers need to ensure that a healthy workplace culture is maintained. A healthy team culture includes strong leadership, communication, values, beliefs, attitudes, behaviours, and work environment.

Remote workers can suffer from isolation and a feeling of disconnect.  The long-term success of employees working from home is ensuring that the culture that exists in the physical workplace extends to remote working.

Below are some tips for both employees and employers to assist when working remotely on a long-term basis:


  • Ensure the workspace complies with health and safety legislation
  • Ensure employees have access to the tools they need to fulfil their role and be fully productive
  • Give clear and transparent communication about expectations
  • Set up regular team meetings
  • Have individual catch ups with team members
  • Be organised and flexible.


  • Create a specific workspace
  • Ensure the space is comfortable to work in
  • Maintain a healthy work life balance – create boundaries between “work time” and “home time”
  • Get up and stretch once every hour
  • Arrange regular catch up with colleagues
  • Eat well, get regular exercise and get plenty of rest.

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