Jacinda Ardern offers a light in a dark year in New Zealand

Voters in New Zealand have given Labour Party’s Jacinda Ardern a landslide victory this last weekend, to remain in government for a further three years.

Ardern has offered a core policy mandate to invest in people, jobs, small businesses, infrastructure, global trade and has been successful in keeping COVID-19 numbers at a minimum. She has also promised action on climate change, legalising recreational cannabis and the right to die.

The World Health Organisation called her one of the most forward-thinking and pragmatic leaders in the world, with only 2000 COVID-19 infections and 25 deaths.

Ardern has led her people during a tumultuous time. Apart from the pandemic she comforted her nation when an attacker killed over 50 worshippers at a Christchurch mosque. Ardern’s leadership saw her comforting victims’ families the next day while showing solidarity in wearing the hijab.

More upheaval came in the form of a volcanic eruption on White Island. The island was being visited by passengers from a cruise ship. Again, there were a number of deaths and terrible injuries. Again, she spoke to first responders, ship workers and victims’ families.

When COVID-18 first emerged as a possible pandemic Ardern, with much foresight, responded by shutting down the whole country, enforcing lockdown measures in March, before the virus spiralled out of control. That strategy was most successful…go in early, go in hard. It worked!

Ardern is celebrated for her politics of kindness, empathy and compassion.

Auckland resident Catriona Hay summed up the respected leadership of Ardern when she said ‘Her authenticity is what always shine through. She is truly an inspiring leader for all women. I feel lucky to live in New Zealand’.

Ref: Tarla Lambert. Women’s Agenda

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