Gender Equality Bill introduced into the Victorian Parliament

Victoria introduced the first Australian Gender Equality Bill into Parliament on the 26th of November.

The Gender Equality Bill will mean all public service bodies, universities, Councils, Court Services and Public Prosecution Offices will be required to:

  • publicly report on their progress and performance on matters such as equal pay, sexual harassment and career progression.
  • implement Gender Equality Action Plans.
  • undertake gender impact assessments.

The following statistics were released:

  • Workplace discrimination was experienced by half of all mothers as a result of pregnancy, parental leave or on return to work.
  • Three in 10 employers do not have a flexible working policy.
  • Statistics gathered in 2015/16, show the average superannuation balances for women aged 60-64 years were 58 per cent lower than men in the same age bracket.
  • The gender pay gap in Australia is at 14.1 per cent.
  • Women do 63 per cent of Victoria’s unpaid work.

These landmark reforms will legislate gender equality for employees in over 300 organisations and cover approximately 11 per cent of the Victorian workforce.

The passing of the Bill is yet to be scheduled in Parliament.

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