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Since 2014, the Fair Work Commission has conducted 4 yearly reviews on all modern awards.  During the reviews, the Commission clarifies clauses and may make changes to clauses in awards.

In September last year it was announced that the Commission were finalising the review and would release updates across a number of groups rolling these out in ‘tranches’ the first of which will be rolled out in February this year.  Employers can find out which awards are in tranche 1 by reviewing the Commission’s Modern award list .  The first of these changes will apply from the first pay period on or after 4 of February this year. 

Employers will need to provide copies of the award that apply to each of their employees, either in hardcopy or electronically so that their employees are aware of the changes.  The majority of changes improve layout and language, so the award is easier for employers and employees to understand.  Rules and entitlements have remained the same for most awards, while this is the case, employers are obligated to provide up to date copies of the award to their employees.

If the awards that apply to employers and their employees are not in tranche 1 it is recommended that employers sign up for email updates to be kept aware of upcoming dates. The remaining tranches will be released as the review is completed. 

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