Achieving a financially equal society now critical for next generations

Women’s actions now to fight for equal opportunities and a financially equal place in the workplace is not simply a feminist demand but a necessary evolution for future generations.

COVID-19 has exposed the weaknesses in the employment market for women, who lost many more jobs during the pandemic than did men.

Life is returning to normal now, with jobs for women recovering faster than for men, and should give some room for optimism. Unfortunately, research from the latest Financy Women’s Index is pointing to serious gaps where gender gaps existed before the pandemic and are continuing to exist with the gradual return to work by employees.

Research has shown:

  • The number of women engaged in full or part-time work today is similar to that seen 12-18 months ago
  • The number of women studying educational courses after high school is where it was two years ago
  • The gender pay gap has not closed over the last year
  • The threat to long-term security as measured through superannuation is concerning.

Our society needs to recognise that equality also involves recognising that men and women have different needs when it includes family and career.

In Australia where people are living longer, birth rates are decreasing, where female employment and education growth outpace that of males and have done over the last two decades, the traditional roles along gender lines are no longer the norm among young people.

Young people today expect a fair world where gender equality is the norm, not the exception.

This becomes not a feminist drive but a drive which will leave the world a more equal place for all, especially for the younger generations. They have grown up expecting a world where they are treated as equals to their male counterparts.

Our older generations must leave the world a better place.

Ref: Women’s Agenda

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